Buying Coconut Creek Real Estate, Simple Search Tips

If you are buying Coconut Creek real estate there are some simple search tips that will help make the process easier and your end result ideal. From exploring your options to familiarizing yourself with the market, the more prepared you are the easier the buying process will be. Sit down with your Coconut Creek REALTOR® today to discuss current market conditions and the buying process.

Buying Coconut Creek Real Estate, Don’t Be Afraid of Down Payment

If you are buying Coconut Creek real estate don’t be afraid of the down payment. While 20% is a number that is thrown around and thought to be a necessity this is not always the case. Many home loans can be secured with less of a down payment. A lower down payment will probably require private mortgage insurance (PMI) be attached to your mortgage but this monthly payment is much smaller than coming up with a full 20% at closing. When you reach 20% equity in your home you can typically get rid of the PMI.

Coconut Creek Short Sale Opportunity in Carrington

There is a fantastic Coconut Creek short sale opportunity in the Carrington community. This two bedroom, two bath condo is a must-see, with a split plan comprised of two suites and two parking spots. Carrington is a Coconut Creek community for all ages and the units can be rented. In addition pets are allowed.

Coconut Creek All About Dogs Saturday

Coconut Creek will be all about dogs this Saturday.  The annual Dog Expo will take place at Windmill Park this Saturday, April 12th.  Whether you have a dog, want a dog or simply love everything about dogs, this event is for you. The Dog Expo will offer residents and guests of Coconut Creek FL the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with their four legged friends.  There will be a pet parade, vendors of both services and products, a police K9 demo, music, face painting, prizes and so much more.  The event kicks off at 10 am and will run  Read More…