Coconut Creek Community Spotlight: Winston Park

This week’s Coconut Creek community spotlight is on Winston Park, a fabulous neighborhood with a great deal to offer its residents. Located close to great schools, open space, and great shopping, Winston Park is a great spot for families.The community is made up of single family homes.

Selling Coconut Creek Real Estate, Don’t Leave Empty

If you are selling Coconut Creek real estate don’t leave your home empty unless you are out of options. Many people sell a home after having moved, which means that all of their belongings have moved too. You may think an empty home is a clean home, while this may be true the reality is that an empty home can leave buyers unimpressed.

Coconut Creek Real Estate, Learn More About Seller Financing

If you are looking to buy or sell Coconut Creek real estate you may want to learn more about seller financing. Seller financing can come in handy when a buyer is having a hard time securing a home loan and can often benefit both sides of the deal. At times seller financing works like a bridge loan, enabling a buyer to purchase a Coconut Creek property until he can qualify for a loan. The important thing is to educate yourself prior to signing on the dotted line.

Coconut Creek Real Estate Spotlight: Home in Coco Palms

This week’s Coconut Creek real estate spotlight is on a home in Coco Palms. This beautiful three bedroom, two and a half bath home is in great condition and move-in ready. Coco Palms is a small enclave of homes that is close to everything. If you have been looking for the right Coconut Creek community to move to this is a must-see.